Refund Policy Notice

Humble Pranams to our Online Community. The Sri Raam Bhajana Mandiram (SRBM) is a South African Hindu based Non-Profit Organisation, established on 14 February 1999.

We want to take our members and those in the community and “move” them from their current position or circumstances to a better place.

 Regardless of where they are in life (financially, professionally, emotionally, etc.), we want to move them to an improved situation.

As a registered Non-Profit Organisation, we are expected to follow certain rules and regulations set forth in legislative acts.

It is good governance for every organisation to have contractual agreements with their online community. However, at Sri Raam Bhajana Mandiram we believe that it’s more important for our online community to understand, first and foremost, our underlying philosophy, which is that we are here, and that this organisation exists, for the purpose of impacting people for eternity. This is our ultimate goal.

By visiting or engaging with us, either by use of our website, email, social accounts, telephone, etc you agree to be bound by all our Terms, Conditions and Policies set forth.


What is our refund policy?

Customers may be entitled to a refund under the following circumstances:

  • Service credits issued
  • Goodwill gestures
  • Adjustments to invoices

In the instance where a member has paid in advance for their contribution for more than one year:

  • Should the member terminate their membership before the next financial period, Sri Raam Bhajana Mandiram will refund the customer for the unused period, less the 30 day termination notice period.

Refunds are issued in one of three ways and subject to the member’s payment method and payment interval:

  • the date of next invoice will be extended, or
  • a credit note is issued on the next invoice generated, or
  • the customer account is credited via EFT (only applies to terminations)

The refund method applied remains at Sri Raam Bhajana Mandiram’ sole discretion.