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This page shows all events and prayer dates for our organisation.

Although all reasonable care is taken to maintain and update this information, users should please check with SRBM on the date and venue of an event before taking any action in respect of that event.

Explore our Events and Festivals Calendar to see which popular festivals or events are taking place.

Please Note 
Events and festival details can change. All festival information is published in good faith as supplied by the organisers. Please check with the organisers that the event is happening before making your travel arrangements.

Private Functions will have a “Booked” status on the calendar

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Learn to play:

Harmonium Mridangam Tabla

Lessons are available to all genders above five (5) years of age. Our step-by-step program gradually introduces you to the basics of playing musical instruments and takes you to the advanced levels. 

All lessons consists of the various Raaghas and notations. Harmonium Raaghas are gradually introduced during each phase of the students musical career. Our Mridangam and Tabla lessons and notations are from the Tanjore Tradition.

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