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On 14 February 1999 this prestigious organisation gave birth to a great vision.
To bring Raam Bhajan to Gauteng.

We are the pioneering Raam Bhajan organisation in Gauteng and this organisation stands on the strength of our predecessors and holds steadfast to the mission and values they laid down for us. We seek to honour the Divine and Spiritual Being that is innate in each of us by impacting the lives of our members and community through the Hindu ethos approach. 

In the past 2 decades we have earned great praise and accolades from the community having outdone ourselves in producing high quality Raam Bhajan. 

Until now we have been operating as a Raam Bhajan Group and we needed to be more than just a Raam Bhajan Group and do more than perform Raam Bhajan.

We knew that it was time to change and transform the SRBM into an Organisation. On 16 August 2018, the organisation was officially registered in terms of the Non-Profit Organisation Act 1997. 

The SRBM has performed for various families & organisations within the communities of Gauteng and nationally by sharing with them the Power of Worshipping God through Action. As a representative of the Gauteng Province, the SRBM is a regular participant at the National Raam Bhajana Festival held in KZN by the Andhra Maha Sabha of South Africa. In 2008 The SRBM hosted the first ever 12 hour Raam Bhajana Festival, benchmarking it as an historic event in Gauteng. 

Other than the traditional Raam Bhajan, our unique ability of choreographing rhythmic beat cycles by fusing Eastern and African Drum notations to create our very own Afro-Indy-Fusion of Rhythmic sounds collaborated with Raam Bhajan Steps, Tiger Dance Vibrations and Kolatam Movement, we call RA-TI-KO has afforded us the honor and opportunity of performing for various prestigious events and TV Channels such as the Goldreef City Diwali Festival, The HCC Diwali Festival, The Lenasia South Diwali Festival, The Secunda Diwali Festival, The SVDS Diwali Extravaganza, ZEE TV, Spirit Sundae and Sony. 

Our tapestry of musicians and their talents has successfully culminated in the launch of 2 musical CDs namely; Pazhani Malai Bhajan Mala a compilation of Bhajans dedicated to Lord Murugan performed live during the Kavady Festival and Ramulu Varu Bhajana A special invocation of Raam Bhajan songs dedicated to Lord Narayana and His Avatars sung in a traditional Hari Bhajan. 

The prosperity of our organisation can be attributed to the dedication, sacrifice and discipline of our members but most importantly the constant support and commitment from the community, sponsors, family members and various cultural organisations in allowing us opportunities to perform and grow to where we are today. 

The purpose of this website is to educate, although we may not know all the answers but please feel free to send us your comments and queries. If our information is misconstrued, or incorrect, we apologise upfront. Our aim is not to create any offence or division within our culture but rather we are in search of spiritual knowledge and better understanding of our many scriptures. 

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Children's Kolatam

Bhajan Training

Our practice sessions are conducted on Fridays

During these seminars the following are taught:
Raam Bhajan, Kolatam, Various Prayer Recitals, Various Bhajana Recitals, Vocal Training, Harmonium Training, Thabla & Mridangam Training, Musical harmony and rhythm, Divine and Spiritual Discourses 

Should you wish to participate in any of our training sessions, please contact us.

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