Membership Terms & Conditions

Membership Terms, Conditions & Rules


  1. Membership to the SRBM is open not only to all Hindus but also to all who sincerely believe in the universal teachings of Hindu Philosophy as dictated in the Hindu scriptures and who shall observe dignity and respect for the sanctity of the SRBM consistent with Hindu philosophy and way of life.
  2. The Applicant is expected to attend all SRBM Activities with a good attitude and an open mind, willing to listen, learn and share.
  3. The Applicant shall register and sign a membership form and pay the appropriate membership fees.
  4. The Applicant shall prescribe to the objectives, mission, vision and constitution of the SRBM.
  5. The Member acknowledges and promises NOT to conduct any fraudulent or business activities or bring the organisation and its members into disrepute.
  6. The applicant should be physically and mentally strong and willing to work for the organization individually or in a group and travel at their own expenses.
  7. The Applicant is willing to work and obey the Executive Council.
  8. The Applicant will give their best effort to fulfil all objectives and tasks assigned to him or her.
  9. The Applicant must attend the General Council Meetings and Annual General Meeting.
  10. The meetings will be held on weekends either on a Saturday or Sunday at various locations.
  11. Meetings will be headed by the Executive Council and General Council Members.
  12. All applications to the General Council will be approved by the Executive Council. An Applicant is selected and can be removed by the Executive Council without notice or giving reason for misconduct, misbehaviour, indiscipline.
  13. The Applicant agrees that acceptance to the General Council is subjected to the acceptance of SRBM’s Legal Documentation (printed and Online versions).

Membership Admission & Subscription Fees

  1. Membership fees shall be determined by the Executive Council and subject to annual revision.
  2. Annual/ Full Time membership fees is set at One Hundred and One Rand (R101.00) per annum per member.
  3. Discount for family membership allowed at Fifty Rand (R50.00) per annum per member for family of two (2)
  4. Discount for family membership allowed at Twenty Five Rand (R25.00) per annum per member for family of 3 or more.
  5. Annual membership fees shall be paid on a calendar year basis starting from March 1st to February 28th and covers only the calendar year in which it is paid.
  6. Membership fees are non-refundable.
  7. Initial membership fees to be paid with the Application Form and proof of payment must be sent to finance@srbm.co.za.
  8. Rejection of an Application, the membership fee will be refund in a week.