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Our Executive Council is a passionate and driven team. They direct, regulate and administer the general affairs of the organisation in accordance with the Constitution and bye-laws of SRBM. They provide guidance, instruction, direction and leadership to all members.

SRBM Chairman

Kresh Gounder


Kresh Gounder is a Trustee and founder of SRBM. He is a well recognised community leader and successful entrepreneur. Kresh’s passion is empowering the youth and he is instrumental in teaching 99% of all Raam Bhajan Groups in Gauteng.

SRBM Financial Officer

Tishan Veerasamy

Financial Officer

Tishan is member of SRBM since 2001. He is committed, loyal and passionate to achieve the new Vision of SRBM. He is an accomplished leader and is responsible for the financial health and governance of SRBM.

Salo Gounder

Secretarial Officer

Salo brings over 18 years of experience and leadership in the Administration and Management field. In addition to handling matters of supporting and mentoring the youth. She established and continues to champion the SRBM’s “Food For Thought” initiative.

SRBM PR & Marketing Officer

Sheila Gounder

Marketing & Public Relations

Sheila Ma is the mother of our organisation and is a respected elder of our community. She spends most of her time , tutoring and mentoring the youth.She brings many years of knowledge, advise and wisdom. She is a valuable member to our Team.

Terri-Lee Gounder

Bhajan Coordinator

Terri-Lee is SRBM’s first success story and prodigy from our Youth Development Program. Terri-Lee showed great interest in Music and was mentored since Grade 1. She is highly skilled in the Musical Arts and plays an active role in  SRBM’s youth music program. 

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